111 rules. How to make it

111 rules. How to make it

Автор: Maxim Behar
Издателство: Ентусиаст
ISBN: 978-619-164-059-1
Цена: 4.80 лв.
Количество:  Купувам

There is no other book like this one, which was written first online and then on paper. It contains 111 rules that Maxim Behar was posting on Facebook every day for three months. They are synthesized principles, originally posted in English, which the author follows and in which he truly believes. The book is pocket size and easily turns into an everyday manual for people who have to take important decisions or simply for those looking for a little sip of inspiration. It also has a version in Portuguese. Why three times 1? This sends a message to all readers that these rules aim to motivate them to always reach out for the first place. Rule #1 : Worst decision is better than no decision. Which one is #2?


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